mama knows our sufferings well, and mama doesn't expect us to shoulder the burdens of life inside ourselves or our bodies.

--sHon Faery

3 Dimensional Beings meet with suffering almost every step of the way. It seems to be the nature of nature. I am sure mama knows life 'seems' like some sick joke to us, because she has given us wee ones vehicles and paths to live free of this heaviness... Yet so few of us know that mama, our earth and spaceship, eats heavy energy, it is part of her job, she digests it and transforms it in her belly, so her little ones can run free.

Mama knows your troubles, she has been eating most of them your whole life. Mama has always been there to lighten your burden, and she will take more if you recognize it, relax, release your internalizing hold and give it to her. This transformative power is available to us all. Every creature goes through this far and wide. We are certainly not the only ones here with emotional lives. Heavy energy is meant to go down into her, it should quite literally drain out of you into the belly of the earth. This innate capacity for transcendence, (forgiveness?), surely is one of our greatest gifts from our 'God" or Exterior Decorator. We homosapiens generally wait until the very last second to relax and release, and it is generally because we have been forced to. My guess is that it is built into all creatures on earth: something went without food. something walked into a wall. something biffed it on a rock. something just could not wait. something ate something they should not have, something is starting to feel the effects of something, something has not wandered off in an age. something just barely has the strength to move on. something doesn't know where to go. something is stuck here or there.

If you desire freedom, it is there for you. Give your heaviness to mama. Roam free, attentive, responsive, flexible, and awake.

pssst. Secret!.... I think mama could also be a total perv too, because I think she likes to eat our sexual / creative / artistic / dance energy too. It is where transcendence and the energy to continually move forward are of primary concern.

Published: July 10, 2013
Type: Quote, Commentary
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